Cultural historian, media critic, feminist scholar. Website:
This cartoon, which has been circulating freely on social media, was removed by artist.

In 2017, when Hillary Clinton emerged after a well-deserved hiatus to resume public service, the calls for her to quietly leave the stage and take up gardening or knitting began to pour forth. After Hillary’s first post-election interview, RealClearPolitics’ A. B. Stoddard advised Democrats to tell Clinton that “she’s done…

A collaboration between Jenn Abel and Susan Bordo

Jenn Abel is a teacher, writer, and mother of six who describes herself as learning to live by faith rather than fear. Susan Bordo is a writer, mother, and Professor Emerita in Humanities at the University of Kentucky. She is the author of many books on cultural history, the media, gender and politics.


One of us is “pro-choice” and Jewish. One of us is a “pro-life” Christian. We put these labels in scare quotes because we believe it’s time to get beyond labels and move forward on our common humanity. Branding others is Trump…

For months we had been bombarded on television with horrendous, uncensored images of the war in Vietnam. In March, American soldiers massacred 347 at My Lai. Two weeks later, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, the target of anti-war rage, said he would not seek re-election. In April, Martin Luther King had…

Susan Bordo

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