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Cultural historian, media critic, feminist scholar. Website:


  • Simone Aiken

    Simone Aiken

    Computer Programmer from Colorado who ran for office that one time.

  • ismail


  • Sue


  • Evelyn Paul

    Evelyn Paul

  • Lucero Cantu

    Lucero Cantu

    An attempt at making sense of the world around me. I work at the intersection of digital, politics, and borderline-maniacal buffoonery

  • Art Brodsky

    Art Brodsky

    Communications consultant, recovering journalist

  • Anne Rein

    Anne Rein

    Business: Social Marketing for B2B consultants and others who follow their hearts. Personal: Child of God, Episcopalian, Emmaus House Chapel #peoplestown

  • Charles Tyson

    Charles Tyson

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